About me

Hello and welcome to my gallery !

I’m a self - taught photographer living in Northern Italy on a hill in an area called Oltrepo Pavese.
I’ve started to get interested in photography in the Spring of 2006 and this is only the last of a series of interest (music, literature, outdoor sports as hiking, climbing, cross-country ski…) which I’ve developed along the years.
This is not the main or the most important passion of my life, also considering the very little time I can dedicate to it, but surely it has changed my way of looking at the world around me, because my eyes now always seem to move trying to go beyond the simple appearances of things in search of their intrinsic beauty and, overall, of my personal way to show it through my photography,
Thanks for your visit and the time you’re going to spend here, I hope you enjoy it.


"..There's only one thing a man can do - find something that's his, and make an island for himself "( Terrence Malick - "The Thin Red Line"

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